Collegium Invisibile

Collegium Invisibile is a vibrant community of talented students from Polish universities and Poles studying abroad, centred around one idea - socially-engaged sharing of knowledge. As an academic society, it aims to provide its members with otherwise rare opportunities for intellectual and personal growth.

Since its beginnings in 1995, one of Collegium’s core activities have been tutorials - one-to-one academic exchanges between a tutor – an experienced academic based at an institution in Poland or beyond – and their student mentee. These collaborations allow the tutee to explore a variety of topics under uniquely personalised supervision, with the research being presented at biannual internal conferences and often resulting in peer-reviewed publications.

Just as importantly, Collegium members have a chance to find themselves on the giving side of such interactions - many choose to reinvest their skills and experience by teaching on the society’s outreach programmes. Among these are Summer and Olympiad Schools, organised annually for academically-gifted teens from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds, and year-long tutorials delivered to beneficiaries of the Polish Children’s Fund, Collegium’s partner organisation. By engaging in these initiatives, students bridge their expertise with the needs of the wider community and gain invaluable hands-on experience in leadership.

All of Collegium’s projects rest on the principal values of open-mindedness, collaboration, and accountability. In accordance with its original goals, the society continues to foster an intellectually stimulating network of purpose-driven individuals committed to civil society.